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new shit!

got a new phone, and a new apartment (studio). here's what my horoscope told me the other day about getting a macbook pro:
"Subdue temptations to spend funds you know you don't have and would put you in debt to get something you think you should have, just because a number of friends have it."

Thanks horoscope. I was waiting till fall anyways. went to the dunes over the weekend. the pictures are up in my profile. saw sage sunday night. since then, it's been work. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and d'ags tonight. cold pizza in the morning. michigan tomorrow.
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look out technology.

i wake up, my ipod is broken. i get home, my phone is broken.
it's been one of those days. yelled at for something stupid, but it's been a while so that didn't really bother me. about to leave at 5pm, sent to the basement to grind a piece of metal for 40 minutes. transferred to the brown line one stop too soon only to sit on a stationary train and watch 4 red lines go by...

here's the things that turned the day positive: free buffalo wings for lunch. jim leaving for 2 hours. getting my phone to barely work. leftover d'ags. winning with explosivo 6-1 and scoring some goals.

it's over.
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i parked david schwimmer's car today.

our studion was invaded by rockit ranch productions who were shooting something promoting their new nightclub, 'the underground,' that opens in the fall. a couple people came by the other day acting like they could barely afford to rent the studio, then two days later they have david schwimmer in there directing the rockit ranch execs and others. i didn't get to be studio manager today, probably would have been fun to sit in on.

instead i did that cold pizza shot in the morning, and spent the afternoon doing a time lapse test with the varicam. not a bad day considering i'm now feasting on a large thin crust pineapple pizza from d'ags. i think it's time for a nap.
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head bussa

long day. started at 4:30am. shot at the field museum for home shopping network. got to see some of the king tut stuff. i dont know if it'd be worth the entry fee, but it was cool to see. here's the tip of the day: i heard that if you go to a chicago public library, you can check out a museum pass that will get you and 5 of your friends into any museum for free. you just pay for special exhibits. so get to the library and avoid the line. you can keep it for a week i think.

so that part of the morning went well, then it was all downhill. bob and i were double booked in the morning, on purpose. they (management: jim) were betting that bob and i would make it to the four seasons by the 10am roll time even though we were scheduled at the museum till 11am. well the gamble paid off in that we made it to the hotel room around 9:30am (cause the hsn shoot went that well), however, jim didn't anticipate the change to a 8:45am roll time. anticipate is the wrong word. maybe failed to comprehend the actual call time during a day long fit of obessive compulsive condescension to all those around him is more accurate.

so he screwed up big time, and, as a result, chaos ensued which saw a two camera press junket room set up entirely by a freelancer with the help of a high school student and the new kid on the block who is probably the dullest tool thats been put in the tool box in a while. to her credit, the high school student is a hardworker, but she was thrown into the fire, running the decks, doing audio, and labeling tapes. bob and i walked into a complete disaster. it looked like shit, sounded like shit, and was being recorded wrong. we made some adjustments, but never had time to fix everything. hopefully we lose that client. maybe that will teach jim a lesson.

later, an interaction went like this:
jim: "take the logo tape and put it in the deck upstairs, but don't push it in. i'll be up there in 30 minutes to test it."
-so i take the tape up there, put it in, read the switcher manual, key out the green screen, and play the logo tape into the background. jim comes upstairs and finds everything already done.
jim: "i thought i told you to not put the tape in. apparently you forgot that. did you forget?"
me: "no, i just thought i'd try to do it."
5 minutes later
jim: "thanks a lot for doing that. it looks really good. thanks."
me: "you're welcome (ass)."

enough complaining about him. in other news, i split a guys head open today on the soccer field. i ran near post on a corner and went for a header. a defender was running out to do the same, and we collided hard. the ball hit my head, but he nailed my shoulder. he had a gash just above his eyebrow that bled a lot. halftime was called 7 minutes early. my shoulder still hurts, i can only imagine what his head feels like. sorry man. we went on to win 3-1 and take sole possession of first place.

and now i sleep. cold pizza in the morning.
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sticker technology has advanced far too far.

anyone else mad at how labor intensive and frustrating removing a parking permit sticker from your windshield is? today i spent about a half an hour in 90 degree heat scraping with a screwdriver and using goo-gone to get my city sticker off. i slightly appreciate the anti-theft qualities of the adhesive, but really, i'm not going to leave my window down, and no one is going to steal it anyways. why can't it just peal off instead of chipping off in tiny little specs? i want answers.

don't know if i'm bringing the blog back (wow, it's been over a year), just wanted to complain.

another point to complain about: it's too hot out. i'm covered in sweat when i get to work. sweat all day cause my boss is too cheap to run the ac, or because i'm outside. get home covered in sweat from waiting underground for the el, where you'd think it'd be cold, but it's actually hotter, and the only air circulation is when the train goes by the other way. all this is 100 times worse when there's a cubs game, but i'll complain about that later.

i feel like that guy on conan in his recliner of rage.

p.s. 5:30am call times can suck it.
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i tried to write in this the other day...

will and i watched the empire strikes back the other day. it is by far the best star wars movie. at one point i went in my room to check out what the ships bigger than star destroyers were called (super star destroyers). meanwhile, will had the movie on pause on a closeup of the emperor- in those 3 minutes, i almost lost him to the dark side.

i also watched in good company this weekend. it was a decent movie. next week is past classics action week here - under siege, commando, and the professional are slated for screening.

the big news item of this post is from last weekend when we won the depaul club soccer invitational. we beat illinois (recent national champs) in penalty kicks in the final game. i made mine, as did tuttle, brandon, and ben. rob didnt even get to shoot cause jon wong saved two of their shots and we won the trophy.

last night, we had a party to celebrate our victory. everyone drank out of the trophy and the party was a success. we ran out of alcohol a little quicker than we thought we would, but it was late enough that it wasn't a disaster. after people left, we made our own fun, much to the dismay of alison mckay...

today we lost in softball (2 for 2, 1hr, 1rbi, 2r), but won both soccer games (2-0 and something-1). it was a good day in sports and socom for me. buffalo joes was involved as well, which never makes a day worse.
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